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Goofy Video Clips
(Some clips may require Quicktime)

Jon Swartz Movie (12 min.)
Welcome to Jon Swartz, in real life. I videotaped Jon's hilarious antics for a high school poetry class taught by one of his friends. Jon's mug shots are featured elsewhere on this site.
     "Off the cuff into the camera is tough... especially if you feel like a boob," Jon explains in the movie, as footage plays of his basketball bloopers. "I look at myself in the mirror every day and that two seconds is enough. Right after I'm done brushing my teeth, that's all the 'me' I need to see!"
     • Download (40 MB) - Sorry, this clip is currently offline. If you're a Jon Swartz fan, write me and I'll be happy to put the movie online temporarily!

Highway Patrol, Gatlinburg, Tenn. (2 1/2 min.)
My friend Andy and I are turned loose in the Smoky Mountains for spring break, and here's what happened.
     • Download "Highway Patrol, Gatlinburg, Tennessee" (37 MB - This movie is very large!)

Scott's Leap (15 sec.)
An extremely short clip with a soaring Star Wars sound track. Inspired by a scene in the music video for Beck's tune "Where It's At."
     • Download "Scott's Leap" (0.7 MB)

Fridge-Bla-Di (2 min.)
What if there was a fridge in your living room? When the landlord stores a spare refrigerator in my house, a grainy black and white video is born.
     • Download (10.7 MB)


Rough Clips

WARNING: The clips below are extremely rough and very unplanned.

We're Trapped!
(1 min.)

• Download (3.8 MB)

Two goofy roommates try out their new B&W Quickcam. Mike and me, circa 1997.

Cup Half Full?
(5 sec.)

• Download (1.2 MB)

Low on action but heavy on philosophy.

Time To Relax
(45 sec.)

• Download (2.8 MB)

Not much action here. Just chillin' after successfully assembling my computer desk.

Jon Swartz Close-Up
(2 sec.)

• Download (0.5 MB)

A Woody Allen-ish close-up study of Jon Swartz and his wine glass. Played in a continuous loop, you can almost see his thoughts.


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