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My Family and Friends   

My family

The portrait at left is from the mid-90's. Clockwise from left: Johanna, Fran, Rich, and me. The photo above was taken when my parents drove out and visited me in grad school in November of 1997. Johanna studied animal psychology in college, worked in zoos and dog kennels, and now has a dog training business, Four Legged Scholars, in Salt Lake City. My mom's a sixth grade math and science teacher, and my dad's a retired high school biology teacher of thirty-five years and was an assistant fire chief for the town of Garrettsville, Ohio.

My Dad's Side

The Italian side of the family, the Teresi's (pronounced trr-EE-see). My grandma came over from Italy when she was five and grew up in Cleveland, and my grandpa grew up in Pittsburgh after his parents moved there from Sicily. Clockwise from left: Papa, Johanna, Uncle Gary, me, Jim, Nana, Mom, and Dad. Christmas 1998.

My Mom's Side

This is most of my mom's side of the family, Christmas 1997. Dividing everyone up into three rows of nine, six, and six people, starting with the top row, are Uncle Frank, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Dorothy, Jeremiah, Uncle Andy, Aunt Sheron, their daughter Crystal, Rich, and Fran. The second row is Elizabeth, Aunt Ann, Grandpa, Isaiah, Rebecca, and Aunt Marge. In the front row is Uncle Carl (who owns Swan Hardware in Akron), Johanna, Simeon, Megan, me, and Kyle. Simeon, Isaiah, and Jeremiah (Chuck and Dorothy's kids) have since formed a band together, with electric guitar, drums, and keyboards.

Many Faces of Andy

I've known Andy Kohler since second grade. He and I would distract each other laughing obnoxiously during classes in middle and high school. About that time he started playing guitar. We'd get together with Frank, kill each other at basketball, and try to play music. He continues to amass a large collection of aging automobiles with his mostly empty wallet.

For three years until January 2003 we lived together and shared the rent, until he moved to Santa Clara in Silicon Valley for a big adventure. Now back in Ohio, he works on the farm he grew up on and has started his own company, Kohler Custom Tile. Contact him here.


I've known Frank even before elementary school. We were goofing off during classes as early as kindergarten. On the playground our imaginations ran free. Frank inspired me to try new things on the piano, after I'd already become disillusioned with playing classical music. He picked up the guitar during high school and has played in numerous bands, some on stage, some in basements, and some with old blugrass musicians in garages. If you visited Akron in the past, you might have heard him singing at the top of his voice in his kitchen while cooking dinner after work. He worked for Penske, a logistics company, a career situation he never would've imagined with English and Spanish double majors.

Later he moved to Columbus and took a job as an Americorps VISTA community services coordinator at Ohio State in the summer of 2003. That job rocked.

"I've seen seven wonders and my bird can sing," says Frank. But you can't experience the real Frank until you've met him in person! Or visit Frank's blog.


Alison Aldrich has had an internship on the coast of Maine, she's lived in Lexington, Kentucky, she's worked for Americorps at Hiram College (where she went to school with Frank), and she braved the angst and frustration of continuing on with school and getting a masters degree, something I wouldn't wish on anyone. (Once you're through with it you usually realize how great it was.) She studied library science at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, a great place to be. Library science (or information science) involves studying how to classify, organize, archive, and present information, a cutting-edge field in the age of the internet. She works at the medical library at Wright State in Dayton, Ohio, and now she's working on a second masters degree in public health! Alison's personal web site has gone offline, but here's her professional one.


The world is Tony playground. Tony is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in countless publications. He's dabbled in recording studios, played in a rock band, filmed and edited videos, and he's an excellent photographer. He has a voracious appetite for learning new things. And he coaches high school basketball! His identity has reportedly been linked to a fictitious character with personal issues of comedic proportions named John Farnswell. Several magazines are considering running his humor essays. But if they don't, he has the perfect backup plan: curl into the fetal position!

Roland and Devang

Roland Geisler and Devang Mehta are two of my good friends from grad school at the Universitiy of Illinois. Roland (on right) is from Bavaria, Germany, and has lived for extended periods in many countries. After graduation he moved to San Francisco and worked for Napster, then got a job with Nokia in Finland. Now he lives in Cambridge in Boston and is in charge of global marketing for their Series 60 smart phone mobile browser. He's been providing them with high-level guidance in using open source and collaborating with Apple on bringing their Safari web browser (actually, WebKit) to Nokia phones. More information on Roland is available here.

Devang (left) is from Bombay, India. He landed a job at Siebel Systems in Silicon Valley right after graduating but was not happy with how the company was run and has since moved on. He left to study philosophy in Calgary. See Devang's web site here. During grad school, Devang and I would sometimes stroll the campus and take pictures. Some of his best photographs are available here.


Wes Lloyd and I met as freshmen during our first engineering class at the University of Toledo, Ohio. He was the only other person I knew who actually liked to program computers for fun. From then on we tried to take a lot of our classes together. So many memories of late nights in the engineering building, Wes and our friend Cary Newton studying various aspects of computer science before a test at the end of the week.

Wes and I took all of our ski trips together—since back then he was the one with the car! What's he doing now? He's earned his master's degree at Virginia Tech and moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado, with his wife Dana. He worked for Hewlett-Packard and is now working on his Ph.D. at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. Wes is constantly going backpacking and climbing and telemark skiing throughout the Rockies. He's rebuilding his web site with photos and descriptions of his trips.

Michael a very freaky fellow (see inset). When I first stepped into my dorm room as a college freshman, I found this guy. We were such a perfect fit for each other that we stayed roommates for three years. We both loved Macs and keeping track of what was happening at the cutting edge of technology. Evenings when Michael wasn't off doing his weekly radio show or rehearsing for a play, we'd relax in our dorm, read our assignments, and crack jokes. Ah, the college life. Michael currently lives with his wife Jen in Washington, D.C.


Darin is another friend of mine I've known since elementary school. We were both fascinated with computers at the time and often discussed the merits of the Amiga vs. the Apple IIgs and Macintosh IIfx. After high school, Darin joined the Navy and excelled in it, earning a bachelors degree in computer science in three years, making it through two boot camps, and becoming an officer. He met his wife Ann Marie there, and they currently live in San Diego. He's also a gifted piano player, bell player, and cook. Check out Darin and Ann Marie's web site!


Jon Swartz is an extremely friendly person and can talk to you about anything. He's worked many different jobs. In the photo at right (no digital alterations made), you can see exactly what Jon sees, blue skies and green grass.
     Jon's likeness is a featured subject of my Digitally Altered photo gallery and the wacky Setting Swartz page. He also stars as himself in a ten-minute movie (see Videos).

Last Updated (Partially): Sept. 2005


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