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  E. Abbey on Nature
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  Quantum Chance
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  Macs vs. PC's
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This static site is no longer updated very much. Check out my blog!
What's Else is New
Books! Why do people in power consistently fail to do what's best for the world? Can a company actually be run in a democratic fashion? A big list of page-turners I've found on my way to answering these questions.
Investments for Every Temperament: No matter what your risk level or how interested you are in money, there are some simple investments which will work for you. Make your savings do a little work. Consult this handy chart to figure out how to get started!
Essays and Opinion
U.S. politics, physics, nature and evolution, computers and other topics.
About Me and My Friends
More about Scott. And how about his friends... are they normal? What do they look like?
Thoughts and photos from: Venice, Munich, San Francisco, Maine, Virginia, and whitewater rafting in West Virginia.
Urban Exploration
The urban landscape as an adult jungle gym.
Photo Gallery
My old gallery of artistic outdoor photographs.
Digitally Altered
Wacky things to do with photos of your friends. Featuring Jon Swartz, pictured here as the sun.

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This web site is no longer updated.

See my blog for more current thoughts!

The web’s a cool place for letting diverse voices be heard by wide audiences. The internet’s potential for making the truth accessible and even commonplace inspires me to maintain this site. Here I present my own opinions and experiences. We all want the truth—not necessarily what will make the N.Y. Times’ owners and advertisers happy. Maybe you’re interested in some of the same topics I've explored, independent of the mass media: politics, evolution, history, physics, psychology, the paranormal, etc.

Welcome to Scott Teresi’s life in a shoebox, internet version. Are you looking for more than just a collection of my dry impersonal essays? Well, here’s what I've got: When I need to get out of the house often my first instinct is to explore the streets and alleys around wherever I’m living. I also like to photograph things outdoors. I sometimes videotape things. I love hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I play various instruments.

My parents are both teachers and used to take my sister and me on long summer vacations. We traveled from Maine to California pulling a camper. I love traveling and day hiking and would recommend Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Redwood National Park, and the Smokies as some of the most exhilarating natural wonders to experience. In the winter I enjoy skiing, which I think is a little like being able to fly...

I grew up in a small town in northeastern Ohio and now live in the middle of Columbus. I’m quiet and introspective and smile often. Most days I’m just a freelance programmer who puts together static web pages and builds database-driven web sites using Linux/Mac OS X, HTML, PHP, and MySQL. But I’ve also enjoyed trying to write programs which model nature.


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