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Fun Media Clips

Snoopy in World War I flying gearThe Jokes Collection! Here's your one stop shop for all your favorite hilarious e-mail forwards, caught on the net. Alphabetized for your convenience.
Audio clips

These files need no explanation. They're just fun recordings! I recorded the first two myself, but the rest were available elsewhere on the net.

     • An excerpt from my world-broadcast speech, "The Release of E-mail."
     • One of my very first computer recordings, Oct. 1995, here. (Only Mike understands this one probably.)
     • Bruce Springsteen's answering machine message.
     • The advertisement for a liquidation sale at Spatula City, from UHF.
     • Leslie Nielson saying "Don't call me Shirley" from Airplane!.
     • Also from Airplane!, "Searchlights? No, that's just what they're expecting...".
     • Robin Williams belting out a Good Morning, Vietnam!
     • Tom Waits' view of society, from "Frank's Wild Years."
     • Tom Waits: "Step Right Up!"
     • From the 50's, Jack Kerouac: "I am only an Apache..." and "Taxicrabs and murdercycles."
     • Hamster folk music from (new location after their ISP forced them out).

Movie clips

     • A little schoolin' in the art of passing! Two white kids show off their stuff, superimposed over NBA footage. They're fresh like a can of picante. Check 'em out:
          • "Coppertone"
          • "Synchronized Slammin'"
          • "Fresh Like a Can of Picante"
          • "Artificial Butter"
      (The copyright for these clips probably goes to Fox Sports.)

     • My video clips page has tons more homemade video shorts.

Fun Pictures, and More

If you think that's all the fun stuff there is, you haven't seen the rest of this site. Specifically, get yourself to that Digitally Altered Photos page!

This web site brought to you by The Amazing Internet. Does bathtub water in the northern and southern hemispheres really drain in opposite directions? Find the answer right here, on The Internet!


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