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Scott Teresi: Resume

Columbus, Ohio (Contact information on request)

Last updated: August 2005


Comprehensive Portfolio of Experience
Details online:

Freelance Web Developer, Columbus, Ohio
2001 - present

  • Design, build, and extend web applications using PHP and MySQL.
  • Contract for (Pittsburgh) and (Spain).
  • 2003 to present: built energy comparison site from the ground up and continue to expand and automate the customer signup process. Now one of the most popular sites of its kind in the U.K., routinely rebranded for several power companies themselves.
  • Deployed online stores, e-commerce applications.
  • Built Content Management Systems (customized scripts & home grown).
  • Various data management front- and back-ends: training events, gift certificates, mailing lists, press releases, meeting minutes, trouble tickets.

Portfolio highlights (full portfolio availabe at

  • full lifecycle development for two years and counting.
  • Content Management System including site-wide WYSIWYG editor, news release management
  • Gift certificate signup w/ realtime payment processing
  • online product catalog.
  • CMS, online store, online course and user-customized certification tracking application, meeting minutes & trouble ticket tracking

IBM, Cleveland
Developer, Oct. 2000 - Aug. 2001

Assisted in organizing and managing consultants on IBM and Goodyear projects at Goodyear headquarters in Akron, Ohio. Used Microsoft Project and a Lotus Notes repository to track project milestones, issues/risks, and organize status meetings. During a WebSphere training course, programmed a bank teller web application with IBM VisualAge for Java, involving a JSP web interface, simple Java servlets and a DB2 database. Implemented with servlets, JavaBeans, SQL, JSP, JavaScript, and HTML.

Color Bar Media Group, Cleveland
Web Designer/Developer, Mar. - Sept. 2000

Responsible for majority of company’s web site production in a multitude of capacities, including meeting with clients, strategizing, storyboarding, prototyping, designing, coding, and finalizing site designs. Production aspects spanned from graphic design to coding in HTML, JavaScript, and Java. Fully proficient in Adobe Photoshop, ImageReady, and GoLive

NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
Java 3D Group, Sept. ’98 - May ’99

Designed, developed, and tested Java applications. Developed 3D geometry loaders in Java using the Java 3D API, a set of Java classes for handling 3D graphics. Product bundled as part of NCSA Portfolio, a package of Java 3D utility libraries for Java developers.

Realty One, Cleveland
Information Services Help Desk Assistant, Summers of ’95 - ’97

Provided friendly, patient, expert support to company PC users.



Skills of Expertise:

PHP, MySQL, Java, C, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, CGI/Perl, JSP, Java servlets and applets, OpenGL, Java 3D, Unix shell scripting, Apache, Red Hat Linux system administration

Some Knowledge:

ASP, XML, Windows NT IIS, IBM WebSphere Application Server

Software packages:

Fully proficient: IBM VisualAge for Java, Adobe Photoshop, GoLive, PageMaker, Premiere
Some knowledge: Macromedia Director, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, QuarkXPress


Master of Computer Science, Dec. 1998, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Major in computer science. Research assistantship with NCSA. GPA: 3.4.

Bachelor of Science, cum laude, May 1997, University of Toledo, Ohio.
Academic scholarship, member of honors program, various organizations. GPA: 3.5.

IBM WebSphere Servlet Mobilization, Xerox Document University, March 2001.

Brainbench Java Certification, March 2001.



• Photography
• Writing
• Skiing
• Hiking
• Video editing
• Studio recording
• Piano, guitar, saxophone

This resume is available in Microsoft Word format. Also available is my professional portfolio.


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